On this page, each group member should post the information about their character. Please specify which group member created which character.

1. What is your character's full name and age?
2. What does your character look like? What does he or she like to wear?
3. Describe your character's family. What is his or her relationship with his or her parents and/or stepparents? Does he or she have any siblings, and if so, are they older or younger? Is he or she particularly close to any other family members?
4. What types of things does your character like to do? Does he or she play any sports, or have any specific hobbies or interests?
5. If your character is an adult, what does he or she do for a living? If your character is not an adult, does he or she have a part time job? What may your character want to do in the future, based on the interests you listed?
6. If your character could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would he or she go? Explain where and why.
7. If your character won a million dollars, what would he or she spend it on? Explain what and why.
8. What would your character like to do on his or her next birthday?
9. What are some of your character's bad habits? What is something that he or she has been trying to change?
10. What does your character like best about himself or herself?

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